Improving Your On-Page SEO For Better SERP Ranking

By | August 29, 2014

You would burst with joy seeing Google ranking several of your web pages on the top through their search engine result pages (SERP). Some of the people have already achieved that while others are doing all they can but still can’t even get one of their pages on top page. The main reason behind achieving this is having SEO friendly pages which will be picked easily and ranked. There are several ways to get your page be ranked high in SERP.

Proper page title

Getting the right page title can land your page on the top spot very fast yet many website owners ignore it. Search engines will be able to find your title easily if it is written correctly. Web searchers will be intrigued by your title and tempted to open it and read.  A good title should be less than 85 characters. It should also have the keyword close to its beginning and should not include typos.

Good content

Once you have got the title right, you need to have content in it that will improve your SEO and SERP ranking. Visitors to your site need to be impressed by the content you have and they can even bookmark your page to come back later. It is always stressed that content is king so you must make it quality. Your content should be able to provide information, has the keywords and provide an advice or a solution.

Good Keyword or Key phrase

This may seem like the old style but will still work. Having a great key phrase which is most likely to be searched by people will see your page popping higher when the key phrase is searched. Example of a good phrase would be San Jose SEO or San Francisco SEO. Anyone searching that may end up in your site just because of those phrases.

Regular updates

Google loves active sites so updates regularly will be rewarded by higher SEO and also SERP. Regular updates will also mean growth of your site with more pages which increase your chance of being found and more traffic to your site. More traffic will lead to higher SERP. Another advantage of updating regularly is that you keep your fans coming back for more to read more of your content. Their return is more traffic created and hence a higher SEO.

Mobile friendly pages

Google considers user experience in ranking. A site that is optimized for mobile has a better user experience and will be ranked higher. There are many tutorials you can use to learn how to make your site mobile friendly for higher SEO. Search engines will give pages with high user experience a high SERP

Make your pages light

Light pages load fast and that leads to a better user experience which will earn you a better SERP. Heavy pages will rarely get return visitors. Vice president of Google has stressed the fact that their search engine prefers speedy pages.

Secure your site

Most recently google disclosed that they give a higher ranking to sites with security. You should get a security service for your pages to get a better SEO and SERP

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