Organic Traffic or PPC? –Effective SEO Plays A Role

By | August 22, 2014


Organic traffic is the traffic that comes from unpaid sources such as search engine or free back links posted on other sites. It may also have come from your social media posts. PPC which means Pay Per Click is traffic generated from adverts on other sites which are paid for or adverts on search engines. The question which of these two traffics generation methods is more superior in leading traffic to your site has been a hot debate with each one of them having their followers. SEO also will have an impact on your traffic whether organic or PPC.

Effective SEO of your site will raise your page rank. The chances of getting organic traffic when you are on the first page are very high. Therefore if you are targeting organic traffic you should optimize your site to be found by search engines quickly. You can do this first by writing quality content which is loved by search engines. You don’t stop there if you are serious on getting a higher rank.

Keywords on your content should be included. When pages are being ranked the keywords will be used. Use keywords in the correct density. Normally the density is 0.8% to 1.6% for a medium sized post but this can change depending on the size of your post. Using the key phrase on the title of the post will also see your rank rising.

If you are getting your organic traffic from social media, make sure your content counts. Twitter for example has very few characters per tweet. In those 140 characters make sure you are brief and to the point with the keyword included and a link for your followers to click it. If it is a long link consider shortening it to save characters. In Instagram if you are using pictures to generate traffic to your site you need to give them a killer caption that will send loads of traffic to your site

For PPC some people think just because they are paying for the traffic to be led to them, they don’t need good SEO. This is very wrong. That advertisement you have posted on another site should be catchy to draw attention of people on that site to leave it and head to your site. The content you write on the advert should be enough to make anyone want to click.

Buying Adwords from Google and using non appealing keywords is useless. You will not get any reasonable traffic by that or worse the traffic you will generate will not convert to customers. Buy the correct keywords and link them to the correct page of your site you want the traffic to see.

Poor SEO of another site you may have a PPC banner will affect you indirectly. If that site ranks lowly in search engines and has little traffic then getting PPC traffic from them will be very hard. You should place ads on sites which you are sure of they rank high and have good traffic which increases the chances of some of that traffic heading to your site through that PPC banner.

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