Social Media Strategies for Improving SEO

By | August 20, 2014


The social media has a very big impact on SEO. Some of the people who have utilized can ascertain that. It is always nice to see your site ranked high in web search. Traditionally what you had to do was have the right key words and many inbound links from credible sites but this is rapidly changing with powerful social media effect coming up. Those who were lucky enough to note this early are now reaping its benefits by having their rank on the top five results.

Search engines such as Google are nowadays using Google +, FaceBook likes and tweets to rank sites. This opens an opportunity for social media marketers to improve their SEO rank in doing what they do best: spending all their time in social media. But not all of them are getting a higher rank since you need to have a concrete social media strategy to hit success. Below are some of the strategies you can use in social media to benefit your SEO

Post Content that is High Quality

This is a must for any serious person trying to get traffic from social media to their sites. If you have quality content in social media and link it to your site, you get higher rank due to the content you have posted. This happens even on normal websites. Your website is indexed and ranked from the weight of your content, originality, and quality. This makes content your number one objective you need to achieve in your social media strategies.

Customize sharing to social media

You should have share buttons on your site to popular social media. Visitors to your site if they like your post they will most likely share it with their buddies in social media driving up traffic to you which ultimately leads to higher rank in SEO. It is also necessary to focus more on the social media that will most likely convert to sales if you are an online business. But also the traffic that does not convert is necessary for a higher rank which gives you a better chance of being found by potential clients searching your keywords.

On your social media posts remember to add keywords.

Pages in social media are ranked in search engines so adding the right keyword in a good density but not overusing them will see your SEO rise. Make sure the content you have there is convincing and appealing to the audience you are targeting. If you win them then they will most likely end up on your site.

Update regularly

Your fans in social media will always be waiting for your next post. If you keep updating on the regular interval then you have guaranteed traffic for every new post. This makes it easier for them than when you update irregularly they don’t know when to expect your next post and end up losing interest in your content. Updating regularly does not mean too many updates; it can be one update per day or even two.

These are good social media strategies to kick start your SEO improvement. Apply them and any other you can find for good results.

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